Cadbury is bringing back a fan favourite chocolate just in time for Christmas. "Cadbury Creme Eggs, Mini Eggs, and Mini Egg Bars are now back at B&M Stores," Newfoodsuk wrote on Facebook, as fans of the chocolate giant - which is based in Bournville - rushed to celebrate.

The popular food blogging social media channel also shared a snap of a five-pack Creme Egg box, along with a half-eaten white chocolate egg. It was shown containing two classic Creme Eggs, one White Chocolate Creme Egg, and two Caramel Creme Eggs to boot.

The items are on sale on the Cadbury website for over £3 - but are out of stock. The chocolate giant says: "Make your Easter hunt even more fun with this NEW Cadbury Mixed Egg 5 pack. With a delicious mix of Creme Eggs, White Creme Egg and Caramel Eggs in each pack."

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The Creme Egg originated from the British chocolatier Fry's in 1963 before being renamed by Cadbury in 1971. On its website, the chocolate maker - known for making Twirls, Dairy Milks and Flake bars too - writes: "Bite into a deliciously thick Cadbury milk chocolate egg and savour its gooey, indulgent white-and-yolk fondant centre.

"There are a million ways to eat it, but there’s only one Cadbury Creme Egg. Made with sustainably sourced cocoa. Vegetarian friendly." The seasonal items have a legion of followers, with one gushing five-star review on Amazon saying: "Growing up in the 70s we were used to seasonal produce, you could only get strawberries in summer, you only got satsumas at Christmas. Times were different and it was normal then but now you can go into a large supermarket and get anything all year round . . . except creme eggs!

"What sadist decided creme eggs should be seasonal? Some evil anti-santa chuckling cruelly over his horde of creme eggs in a dark lair?" A second typed: "Grab these at just the right time and you get a veritable bargain. Somehow I manage to save one until Christmas each year, just becuase (I love cadbury creme eggs!)"

"Please join me and write to your MP demanding that these eggs be available all year round," another typed.