Fans of ITV's I'm a Celeb have raised their eyebrows at the way Marvin Humes met his wife, Rochelle. The singers met when their bands - JLS and The Saturdays - did a number of shows together.

But the way Marvin, 38, got Rochelle's number has been dubbed 'weird'. It came out as he was down by the creek chatting to his fellow lad campmates Fred Sirieix and Sam Thompson as well as Danielle Harold.

The former X Factor star asked Sam how he met his current partner, former Love Island star Zara McDermott, 26. Sam spoke about the pair's first date, saying: "We got loads of sake, started singing in the restaurant. We were a little bit drunk and I asked her if I could kiss her."

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He continued: "Fred, I’m going to be honest with you mate, it was really romantic… she slid into my DMs. This is so lame.

"I liked a couple of her photos to just to sort of let her know I was alive and she followed me on Instagram… then I said to her, ‘Look I’m going to be really honest with you I’m really bad at this digital texting stuff, I’m going to get it wrong soon, can I take you out on a date…?'"

Marvin Humes in the I'm a Celeb jungle
Marvin Humes in the I'm a Celeb jungle

Marvin then spoke about how he began dating Rochelle, 34. The dad-of-three said: "I met Rochelle when JLS and The Saturdays were doing shows together. "I’d always said to the boys [JLS], ‘I really like her, I think she’s hot’. We went to a nightclub in Ireland after doing a show together one night and we were just chatting, getting on really well.

"She went to the toilet, right? She left her handbag at the table with me. So then, I thought, right, got her phone out and called myself so I had her phone number. It took about three months of pestering her to get a date."

He continued: "[Our first date was] McDonald’s car park in Wembley… that was our first date. Here we are 13 and a bit years later, three kids… I’m very, very lucky."

But fans quickly took to X where they dubbed Marvin 'weird'. One viewer exclaimed: "Marvin and Rochelle’s first date was in Wembley McDonald’s car park!? "

Marvin and Rochelle Humes
Marvin and Rochelle Humes

"Jesus Marvin…. Getting a weird vibe," another said. A thrid added: "Marvin… that’s strange #imaceleb."

One person said: "Marvin…. bit creepy mate! #ImACeleb." Another wrote: "Marvin going in Rochelle’s bag, getting her phone and calling himself…that’s kinda wild."