Martin Lewis has said it's a "pinch me" moment after opening up on having his own ITV show. At the end of tonight's latest The Martin Lewis Money Show, the consumer champion was flooded with support from Twitter/X fans.

Mr Lewis tweeted: "Just leaving the @itvMLshow studio. I hope you found the show useful. I often have to pinch myself that I've a prime time show where I can do subjects like wills and power of attorney. Subjects so important but that most shiny floor TV world sees as unsexy and wouldn't touch. #MartinLewis Ps Mrs MSE says in this hat I look like Steve from People Just Do Nothing!"

Jo asked: "Can you do a show on the nightmare of buying/selling a home? It’s taken five months of stress at every turn, to downsize to a little flat by the seaside. Exchanged today, complete Friday. English system archaic - amazed anyone ever actually moves home!"

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"After watching show we are registering for LPA. THANK YOU," Amin typed. Katie said: "Could you cover court of protection? My mam was in a coma (and subsequently passed - no POA) so had to do one as letter re: pension needed dealing with. I was only one back home (she was abroad) and it was STRESS! Wouldn’t wish it on anyone so thanks for doing wills/POAs etc"

"My family have just had a meeting with a solicitor about my 93 yo mum ( who has early onset dementia) and we have completed all the paperwork for financial and health POA , it was good to hear we’d done the right thing , thanks," Kenny said. Brainsy said: "Power of Attorney is so important to get in place early, well before it may be needed. It's so helpful to have when it is needed. To be blunt... Between becoming unable to deal with your own affairs & the end of your Earthly affair, someone needs to be able to act on your behalf."

Weston said: "Love the show Martin. Have followed you for years and if it wasn’t for you I’d be financially worse off. Finance & managing money isn’t taught in schools which I believe it should be at some point. It’s an important life skill."

"I've given up watching as you have never mentioned the problems re council & housing association tenants who have old fashion storage heaters. We were on Total Heat Total Control but have been switched to Economy 10 without our knowledge as THTC is being phased out!" Imogen said.