Aston Villa defender Tyrone Mings has posted an update as he recovers from a serious knee injury.

Mings had scared a lot of supporters earlier on Tuesday, when he said he would be posting an update about his recovery later in the day. That post eventually came, and it was to the relief of Villa fans.

The defender posted a series of clips from his recovery so far, with a caption on his Instagram post that read: "I know you didn’t think you were getting rid of me that easy. This one is a thank you for all your messages. I’ll keep you updated."

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He added a voice-over at the beginning of the compilation, saying: "I just wanted to start things off by saying thank you so much for all the messages people have sent me.

"I've read pretty much every single one. The cards, gifts in the post, tweets, everything has been so appreciated and has helped me through this early stage.

"I just want to share some bits with you as to what I've been up to. Hopefully it gives you a bit of insight as to what early stage looks like from a long-term injury."

The short video started with footage of that fateful day when he picked up his knee injury at Newcastle and included video clips of Mings' rehabilitation.

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