Low-income parents in a Midlands borough are in line for a cash boost to help them support their families in the run-up to Christmas. Payments of £50 per child will be made to eligible families over the next few weeks.

It is part of cost of living support being offered by Walsall Council through the Household Support Fund, a pot of cash distributed to local authorities by the Government to help those most in need. Councils give out the cash in different ways, depending on how they think struggling and vulnerable residents will benefit the most.

Walsall Council explained how it is paying out cash in three separate instalments to households who receive council tax reduction and have children included on the claim. These include families on low incomes and/or receiving benefits like Universal Credit.

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The first payment was made in April this year followed by a second in August. Now, the third chunk is set to enter bank accounts over the coming weeks.

Those eligible will receive £50 per child and payments should be made by December 18. Bosses said people do not need to apply for the money and it will be paid into accounts automatically.

The council explained: "We will make direct payments to households in receipt of council tax reduction and have children included on the claim. The payment will be £140 per child paid in three instalments during the year.

"You will not need to apply for this payment, we will issue these payments automatically. The first payment was in April for £20 per child, the other payments will be by the end of August for £70 per child and by December 18, 2023 for £50 per child.

"If you have received this payment in previous years we will continue to pay this money into the same bank account. If we do not hold your account details, we will add credit to your council tax account which is refundable if required."