Martin Lewis has urged 200,000 UK households to take action - as they could lose THOUSANDS. The ITV This Morning star, who is also a Good Morning Britain regular, was back on the ITV The Martin Lewis Money Show tonight from 8pm til 9pm with a special on wills and retirement.

During the hour-long show, Mr Lewis issued a state pension warning, tellingviewers to check which partner is receiving National Insurance Credits as it could impact their state pension. Mr Lewis said: "There are 200,000 of you out there who are missing out on thousands, or potentially tens of thousands of pounds of state pension because the wrong partner in your relationship is getting the National Insurance credits."

He went on: "Those who are not working or earning under £123 a week are due National insurance credits for child care." For many people in the UK, the consumer champion - who is the founder of Money Saving Expert - warned it's typical their partner, who is working, completes the childcare claim, not the person who isn't working.

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The consumer expert went on and said: "But the working partner already gets National insurance credits because they're working. So you want the non-working partner to be getting the credit, and they therefore need to be the one who is claiming child benefit." Mr Lewis added: "The form on is F411A.

"It's absolutely crucial to check who gets the child benefit. If you're not working, it should be in your name if you can. There may be some domestic abuse issues where it isn't appropriate - but in most cases." ITV The Martin Lewis Money Show aired from 8pm til 9pm on Tuesday November 21, with episodes now available to stream via the ITV X on demand platform and catch up service.