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A look back at the Birmingham Mail 'School of the Week' - Can you spot yourself?

We take another look back through the archives at old school pictures.

Hollyfield Primary School in Sutton Coldfield 21 May 2009 with children taking part in the Wake up and Shake up exercises.

Kids have settled back into the school after the long summer break and many are turning their thoughts to the October half-term week. But how did school life look a few years back? 'School of the week' was a popular feature that used to run in the Birmingham Mail. The feature ran for many years focusing on an individual school and the talent and creativity nurtured in that school. It was a chance to showcase the hard work of teachers and students.

We take another look through the archives of the archives. Some of the pics will bring back fond memories as many remember school as the 'Best days of our lives'. Take a look at the pics, do you see yourself or can you spot anyone you know? Maybe your children are in the pictures and are all grown up now. Maybe some became teachers themselves. We would love to hear from you in the comments.

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