Katie Price has been showered with praise after a sweet clip of her meeting a disabled fan went viral. The 45-year-old ITV I'm A Celebrity star and Channel 4 Mucky Mansion star was praised by fans over the footage of her having a touching moment with a disabled fan.

Katie, 45, was seen in the clip where she spent time together with Morgan, a fan who has a disability. At the class in Arbroath, Katie embraced Morgan and sang Happy Birthday to her, and added: "You're a beautiful lady! You are!" Uploading the video to Tiktok, Morgan's sister Shane wrote in the caption: "What a wonderful time we spent with her!!"

One fan wrote: "I was never a fan of Katie Price but recently I think I've misjudged her and she really is a big-hearted person." A second agreed and chimed in with: "She's literally a gem. Honestly this is how celebrities should actually be. Down to earth and 100 per cent humble."

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"She may be many things, but Katie Price has done a lot for disabled kids. Her love for Harvey is something else," said another, referencing the former glamour model's eldest son Harvey, whose dad is ex-Aston Villa star Dwight Yorke. Harvey is on the autism spectrum and was born with the rare disorder septo-optic dysplasia. He has disabilities including partial blindness, ADHD and Prader-Willi syndrome, which causes an excessive appetite.

Due to his disabilities, Katie was nervous about the journey for him from home to college as he makes the transition to adulthood. "So for him to go to college without me – because that’s all he knows – I'm really proud about how he has adjusted to me not being there," she said in a documentary on the BBC last year.

"Although I am there with him in a way, because we do videos and FaceTime for him to show me things and I see him on visits, I’m still not there and I think he’s coped really well."