I'm not a frugal person. I spend about 95% of my disposable income on firecracker cauliflower from the Selly Oak branch of Yakinori every month and the rest goes on Magic the Gathering cards.

I know in my heart that Black Friday sales in the UK are consumerism gone mad but, I'll be honest: I've been saving up for it. For months, I've been popping away a couple of quid here and there with the idea that when the sale comes, I'd treat myself.

The last time I did this I bought myself a Shark stick vacuum in the Prime Day sale and have never regretted it for a second. I love that nimble little sucker and how easy he makes the housework.

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This time, I had much less tucked away. I was budgeting £60 only, which I'd told myself I could spend on anything I wanted but, in my heart, I knew what I was looking for.

There's a 'fear of missing out' when it comes to Amazon deals and I hate myself for falling for it, but here I am. For over a year now, I've been influenced by influencers, convinced by friends and sure in my decision: I needed an air fryer.

So that was top of my shopping list when I hit the sales at 6am before I started work on sale day. Here's what I splurged on in the end.

Tower T17021 Family Size Air Fryer - £36.99

I don't have a family but given I have no problem polishing off a 'serves four' dessert in two sittings, I thought perhaps a family size air fryer would be a good shout. I'd wanted to get one with a couple of compartments, because it seemed practical, but the price on this one was too good to miss.

Set at just £36.99 down from £69.99, I let the 47% discount dazzle me. Moreover, the customer ratings are really high; some 29,000 people gave it a 4.6 stars out of five.

Maybe Yakinori will give me the recipe for that cauliflower and I can make it in my new cheap air fryer?!

Real Techniques Miracle 2in1 Powder Puff pack of two - £6.88

For years I have sworn by the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion make-up sponges. They wash really well, feel soft and bouncy when they're damp and they spread my foundation, concealer and all my cream products seamlessly. I hardly bother with brushes.

I have loads of their brushes too, though, and they've lasted years even with regular washing. So when I saw they had a powder puff, the teenager inside me that has taken to watching girls put their make-up on on TikTok had to give it a go.

One side is made of the same stuff as the sponge while the other side has fine fibres to give 'cloud skin', with a precision point for getting up in your nooks and crannies and under your eyes. The jury is out as to whether it'll compare to my favourite sponge but at £6.88 for two, I thought it was worth a go.

Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Balm with Deep Cleansing Pad, £5.38

It's alright talking about wanting a 'cloud skin' look but I often have to remind myself that the best way to get flawless skin is drinking plenty of water, putting my skincare on and washing my makeup tools! So when I saw this Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Balm with Deep Cleansing Pad for just £5.38, I snagged it.

The idea is, you swirl your brush around in it and voila, you're good as new. "This was so quick and effortless!" one reviewer wrote. Sold!

Aussie Mighty Mega Shampoo and Conditioner Set XL Value Pack, £12

As much as I've been enjoying the Garnier Ultimate Blends shampoo and conditioner for its scent and softness, with time I have noticed that my hair tends to get greasier, quicker. It's the best if I'm going out and want it to look its best, but if I'm not in the mood to wash it more than a couple of times a week, Aussie is my favourite.

When I saw that the giant shampoo and conditioner sets were on offer for £12, I put my money where my mouth was and snatched up all 1145ml. Not the cheapest but, I couldn't resist the deal!