Vito Coppola has awkwardly swerved questions over his and Ellie Leach's chemistry and relationship during ITV Lorraine today. The BBC Strictly Come Dancing pro dancer swerved questions on his and ITV Coronation Street star Ellie's partnership as they remain favourites for the Glitterball Trophy.

Lorraine Kelly said: "Both of you are single, everybody wants a romance, you're getting on incredibly well - clearly there's a bond there..." Vito replied: "Not just Ellie, all of Ellie's family have become like another family for me. I've been so lucky because they are so wonderful."

Turning to Ellie, he continued: "Your mum does the best gravy, I ate the entire pot!" Vito added: "So of course, friends and people who will stay in your life forever." Body language expert Darren Stanton later said on behalf of Betfair Casino: "Ellie and Vito are clear favourites in the competition, and I think that’s down to them having a journey.

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"They’ve had good weeks, and bad weeks, so for them to take feedback on board and really work as a team, is showing the public they have a real connection. Ellie has gone from strength to strength in terms of her confidence on the show. Her relationship with Vito is incredibly strong."

Responding to rumours the pair are together, one Reddit user wrote: "I don't know I don't really see the harm, if they're both adults and people mature at different stages. My boyfriend is 8 years younger than me and I think on a maturity level he'd probably say he was more mature than me. I would say we meet somewhere in the middle! We met when he was 21 and I was 29.

"It could just be a bit of fun, it doesn't need to be anything serious, and just because you couldn't imagine dating someone in their 20s doesn't mean other people can't. It's not like it's 20 and 50." A second typed: "They have good chemistry on stage, they seem to get along well and they’re great dancers but the rest can be their business for now."