James Jordan has come under fire for defending Nigel Farage over his clash on ITV I'm A Celebrity with Fred Sirieix. BBC Strictly Come Dancing pro James landed himself in hot water with his take on the feud, which erupted during Monday night's episode of the ITV show.

James wrote: “Fred is a [bleep].” Replying to his tweet, one asked: “Why? Because he had a discussion with Farage? Surely key part of a democracy is open discussions.” A second typed: “I thought it was quite refreshing to see two people with differing opinions actually discuss, debate and agree to disagree and move on.”

Another commented in response to the row: “I think he’ll start to grate on people if he doesn’t stop with the machine gun-style questioning. Actually felt sorry for Jamie Lynn – just non-stop!!” Speaking on behalf of Betfair Casino, body language expert Darren Stanton analysed last night’s antics.

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He said: “A lot of the campmates did disperse when Fred questioned Nigel over Brexit. They didn’t want to get involved. It was something Fred was passionate about and he felt he needed to say something. He initiated the conversation and there was a bit of tension from his side. I could see a lot of disgust and frustration in Fred’s facial expressions and hand gestures.

"He couldn’t carry himself in a calm manner. He was wound up and wanted to get his point across early on, but Nigel handled himself quite well. He felt confident about himself and he felt he could argue back. He answered every question and held his head up high. I think Fred will find it hard to be in camp with him.

"He’s made his feelings known and he can’t go back from that now. I don’t think they’re going to make up anytime soon. Nigel wasn’t phased, he’s doing his thing and wanting to get to know everyone.” He added: “Nella and Nigel worked really well as a team. I think they get on well. Nigel felt a sense of joy out of mentoring Nella, as she was freaking out in the trial. She couldn’t control her fears, but Nigel was great at being someone she needed to cheer her on and be by her side.

"He was encouraging her and she had his full support throughout. He has a very calming nature about him. I do see him winning a lot of people over. I get the impression he likes being the leader of the group - he’s growing on people already, and he’ll soon be an important character in camp. He’s showing everyone that he’s a team player and he wants to make everyone proud. I could see Nella having his back in camp and being there for him as I believe they have built a bond and they do get on well.”