The Great British Bake Off star Alison Hammond has sparked concern with her absence from the show tonight - as fans spot the real reason. Taking to Twitter/X, fans of the Channel 4 show speculated Noel Fielding had been left to present alongside due to Alison's awkward encounter with Sir Cliff Richard on This Morning this week.

Of course, Bake Off was actually filmed months ago - but it didn't stop fans having a laugh on social media. Noel Fielding opened the show from 8pm on Tuesday night explaining Alison was absent through illness, meaning the mum-of-one had left him to host alone alongside judges Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood.

Chris typed: "“It’s quiet in the tent” yes Josh,that’s because Alison Hammond isn’t there #GBBO " Clarke said: "Alison Hammond unwell.." Halo said: "The timing of Alison not in this episode on the very day Cliff was a rude old ***! #gbbo ", referencing the star shutting down the singer in an ITV This Morning interview yesterday.

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Sir Cliff appeared to offend the Brummie when he admitted refusing a picture opportunity with Elvis Presley during his lifetime - because he had "put on weight". Arsene wrote: "Alison not on bake off this week, Cliff Richard has really upset her #GBBO." Another said: "Not watching GBBO if Alison's not on it." Juniper said: "What? No Alison? #gbbo."

GD said: "No Alison on #GBBO this week … I blame Cliff." Since the Cliff Richard interview went viral, Alison has trended on Twitter/X. T he Devil Woman singer, who was originally marketed as the British equivalent of Elvis, then said he ended up missing his chance altogether. "I put it off, and then, of course, he died," he continued.

But Alison was quick to call him out on his comments, saying: "Should never have put it off just because they're a little bit heavier." "If you're a fan of somebody, if you get the chance to meet them, meet them, even if they're put on weight," Cliff urged, before Alison asked, "Is that why you don't want me at your house?"

"Who the hell does Cliff Richard think he is, not wanting a photo with Elvis because Elvis had put on weight. Alison Hammond gave a quick response. How bloody rude," wrote one fan.