Abbey Clancy has shared the sexy way she seduced Peter Crouch – with the former Aston Villa and Liverpool footballer saying it worked very well. Crouch, a former Tottenham Hotspur, Southampton, Portsmouth, Queens Park Rangers, Stoke City and Burnley star, now hosts a BBC Sounds podcast with Abbey.

Cancy spoke on her podcast about the tactic she used to seduce the towering ex-Villa striker. She revealed she once picked up the England striker while she was wearing only a Burberry mac and recalled how she undressed to thrill during a conversation about surprises.

Peter, 42, said on their podcast: “It’s easy to surprise me. If I came home and you had no clothes on, it’d be the best surprise ever. It’s so simple and I’ll be so happy. I’m just being honest.” Abbey added: “That Burberry mac you got me — I picked him up from training with nothing underneath it, to get him home.”

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Peter said: “And it worked. Very well.” The pair were once in a Liverpool restaurant when Abbey surprised him with a roly-polyagram. Abbey, who is an ITV presenter and model, said on their Therapy Crouch podcast: “He went mad that everyone was looking. She didn’t even take one sock off.”

Peter explained: “I’m playing for Liverpool and England at the time and everyone started filming. I was like, ‘I’m sorry, but I can’t do this’. So I just gave her some cash and said, ‘Can you leave?’. She just went, ‘OK, great’, and then left.” On the podcast website, the pair describe it as: "A couples therapy podcast from Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch. Join us on our weekly episodes where we will be exploring the trials and tribulations experienced by us, and you the listener, as we navigate our way through complex relationships.

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